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At 18 Acres LLC, we specialize in developing strategic cutting-edge physical security solutions to enhance business processes. As a physical security advisory group, we provide expertise in physical security master planning, protocol and policy governance, standardization, compliance, and validation of security operations requirements. We are committed to developing practical physical security solutions and designing and implementing innovative concepts to ensure effective and efficient mission-specific solutions.

Drawing on in-depth, real-world knowledge and experience in technical and physical security disciplines. Our organization guides clients in aligning and harmonizing all aspects of physical security with specific business goals by utilizing the people, process, and technology framework. We excel in identifying common security gaps, mitigating vulnerabilities, streamlining
business processes, and facilitating centralizing security concepts of operations and policies.

Our team specializes in assessing, mitigating threats and identifying vulnerabilities in various security realms, including physical, logical, personnel, environmental, and critical infrastructure. With experience in government and private sectors, 18 Acres LLC brings invaluable expertise to ensure unparalleled cradle-to-grave security solutions.

Physical Security Technology Vendor Management

Over the past 30 years, 18 Acres LLC has built lasting relationships with prominent physical security vendors and is committed to delivering a strategic programmatic approach, ensuring vendor relationships yield the intended value through efficient processes. Our unique strategy pioneers straightforward and quantifiable goals, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure structured, effective vendor relationships.

For clients with intricate physical security, technological, and geographical footprints, achieving a centralized view of the company’s physical security vendors can pose challenges. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to help you create a strategy to fully leverage each vendor’s capabilities in the way that works best for your company goals. Our physical security vendor management process fosters more substantial relationships, benefiting the company financially, mitigating quality risks, and reducing complexity. Leveraging our core competencies, we drive positive outcomes, including cost savings through economies of scale, ease of integration, and improved efficiency.

18 Acres LLC can be your reference source for all physical security vendor and contract management needs, whether you’re looking to optimize your current physical security vendor relationships or evaluate new ones. Furthermore, we prioritize classifying prospective suppliers to identify their capabilities and make strategic investments to strengthen those relationships. Our core competencies also include:

  • Research and examination of new vendors
  • Selection of vendors based on financial value and quality analysis; selection based on approved vendor management plan
  • Contract negotiation
  • Billing Analysis & Review
  • Monitoring vendor performance
  • Monitoring and managing risk
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Security Master Planning
  • Governance and compliance
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Standards Development
  • System Design and Specification
  • Budget Planning and life cycle support

Physical Security Technology Planning, Design, and Implementation

Our experienced consultants conduct independent physical security assessments and gap analyses, offering a “cradle-to-grave” solution based on best practices and legal standards to safeguard your organization. Our services prioritize leading cross-functional project teams comprising physical security personnel, security engineers, IT specialists, contractors, and physical security integrators, ensuring the seamless management of physical security projects. We specialize in coordinating the design, build, execution, and integration of physical security systems, including access control, surveillance, intrusion detection, and alarms. Our expertise extends to evaluating protocols, security operations standardization, and physical security measures, which fosters complete end-to-end security solutions.

Physical Security Technology includes:
  • Access control systems
  • Closed-circuit television
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Key Management Systems
  • Intrusion detection;
  • Fire and life safety;
  • Emergency plans;
  • Mail and package delivery
  • Backup power availability and adequacy
  • Cyber Security hygiene (Edge devices)

Physical Security Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Guided by our specialized knowledge, skills, and the latest industry best practices, we conduct thorough threat and vulnerability assessments alongside gap analyses. Our goal is to assist your organization in making informed business decisions tailored to your specific security needs, reducing costs, and effectively managing your security posture. With a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to understanding and meeting your dynamic security requirements.
Independent audit/assessment and gap analysis include:
  • A detailed and rigorous review of various ranges of natural, accidental, and human threats
  • Analysis of risks, threats, hazards, exposures, and the implications and consequences they present to current capabilities and security operations
  • Target strengths include impacts on strategic security, crisis management, continuity of operations, communications, physical and technical security countermeasures, emergency disaster readiness, and workforce protection.
  • Objectively and comprehensively provide security assessment of security program capabilities and resources.
  • Direct readiness to advance the safety and security of organization personnel, personal property, performance, and brand
  • Comprehensive assessment of how to control security-related costs without increasing processes
  • Scope includes strategy, structure, funding, organization, staffing, and training.
  • Developing policies and core processes and procedures; physical and technical security; and the integration and effectiveness of technologies
A red circle with a camera on top of it.

Technical and Physical Security Consulting

Physical Security Technology Vendor Management

Physical Security Technology Planning, Design, and Implementation

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Physical Security Threat & Vulnerability Assessments